Emergence 2013

An endless flux of natural phenomena shape the reality we share. To celebrate the grand opening of the new SF Exploratorium in 2013, many of these phenomena were exposed through unique experiments, captured on camera and then projected on the facade of the new building. The experiments were carried out in carefully designed, miniature replicas of the the building, resulting in a total integration of phenomena with architectural form. No computer graphics were employed to create the experience.

Featured on the Creators Project, this video reveals the process of creating a legendary display of natural phenomena, projection mapped on the San Francisco Exploratorium for the 2013 grand opening.

Unedited, complete show (24 minutes)


I conceived, designed and directed this piece while working as creative director at Obscura Digital. However a large multidisciplinary team of talented people brought piece to life. I'd like to make special mention of Tim Digulla who made great contributions in the areas of lighting, photography, post production and sound design. Also worth mention is that Emergence was featured in the design book, Responsive Landscapes by Bradley Cantrell and Justine Holzman